DIY LOVE Sign for Valentine’s Day
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DIY LOVE Sign for Valentine’s Day

We really enjoy decorating for the holidays, any holiday! For Christmas, we really go crazy. My husband is a regular Clark Griswald. But once Christmas is over and we take down all those decorations, I quickly get ready for the next significant holiday. Ok, so Valentine’s day isn’t really a ‘holiday’. I really don’t get too excited or worked about the theory of Valentine’s day. But, I do love decorating for Valentine’s day. I am a sucker for red and pink, hearts and roses. And after the holidays and the bitter cold weather in December and January, it’s nice to have some bright colors around the house.

To add to the Valentine’s Day ambience, this year, my husband and I put together this sign to hang by our front door. Our new house has a perfect spot to hang wreaths or signs. It was so easy to make, I
wanted to share it with you all!


1 6′ Cedar Fence picket (one with some flaws to add to the rustic look)
1 1″X4″ piece of wood
White paint
Red Paint
Coarse and Fine Sandpaper
Fake Roses


Cut the Cedar piece into 3 pieces 23″ in length, removing the beveled edge at the “top” of the fence picket. Use the coarse sandpaper to smooth the cut ends.

Cut the 1″X4″ piece of wood into 3 pieces 16″ in length. Use the coarse sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

Screw the 1″X4″ pieces to the “back” of the cedar pieces so that the cedar pieces are lined up and perpendicular to the 1″X4″.

Paint the front of the sign white. (We used KILZ because that is what we had on hand.) Allow to dry.

Paint over the white with red. (We used Valspar Color Radiance Flat spray paint in Radiant Red. We wanted a matte finish to the red paint.) Allow to dry overnight.

Use the coarse sandpaper to sand (with the grain of the cedar wood) until you start to see white paint. Use the fine sandpaper to finish and get the desired rustic look.

Use a 2″ paint brush to paint L-O-V-E on the sign. We put a straight piece of metal (you could use any straight edge) in the center of the sign to help us with the exact placement of letters. The sign is meant to be rustic so I didn’t mind if the letters weren’t exactly the same height and width.

Use the coarse sandpaper and fine sandpaper to rough up the L-O-V-E. You could just stop here and have a very beautiful rustic, chic sign, but I added roses for some depth and texture. Glue the fake roses on the “O” in your desired pattern. I used 3 red roses on the inside of the circle and 10 cream roses on the outside. You could use pink or all white. We added a chain to the back to hang it. You can use wire or rope too.

Let me know in the comments if you decided to try it! If you like this tutorial, please PIN it!


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