Alternatives to Lularoe Leggings

Alternatives to Lularoe Leggings

This post contains affiliates links. When you use the link I provide, I get a portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you. But, the opinions of these products are still honest and all my own.

I have gone through many obsessions since becoming a mommy. Being a mommy is lonely, and sometimes you just need a hobby. Currently, my obsession is Lularoe. It’s awful. I mean, how many pairs of Lularoe leggings do you really need?!? But, it’s also fun, and browsing through leggings sale albums helps me pass the time while I’m breastfeeding or rocking the baby to sleep.

If you aren’t familiar with Lularoe, they are a direct sales clothing company. No, I am not a consultant; just a Lula-groupie. The most popular product (at least in my opinion) is their leggings. The material is super, buttery soft. Imagine a combination of dolphin skin and unicorn hair soft! I have heard some leggings with a unique or hard-to-find print sell for $100s or $1,000s on eBay. Isn’t that insane? For leggings!

Yes, I got sucked into buying a few pair. But, one thing that really bothered me was that black (yes, BLACK) leggings are a “unicorn”. In Lularoe language, this means that they are super hard to find and you have been blessed with some sort of Lula-fairy magic if you are able to score a pair. This really bothered me so I made it my mission to find cheaper and more readily available legging alternatives in this amazing, unicorn hair/dolphin skin, buttery material. And, I found several Lularoe-type legging substitutes I wanted to share with you!

Alternatives to Lularoe Leggings

1. Sueded Leggings available at Walmart. These leggings cost from $6-$7, depending on where you live. I have not personally tried them, but have felt the material while at Walmart. They are just as soft and less than a third of the price of the Lularoe ones. There are printed and solids available.

2. The Leggings Depot. These leggings are made of similar material, but available for half the price via Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get them shipped free! They have solids and cute prints available. Sizing is similar to Lularoe in that they have two options, standard and plus size. And best of all, the Black leggings were readily available. The only difference I found was the waistband. But since I don’t wear cut off shirts, I don’t find this to be a problem.

3. Viv Collection. Also available via Amazon. Just like the Leggings Depot, these leggings have a different waistband than the Lularoe version, but they are just as soft and smooth. They also come in solids and prints, standard (similar to One Size in Lularoe, fits sizes 0-12) and plus size (similar to Tall & Curvy in Lularoe, fits sizes 14-24).

4. Fabulegs by Melissa. These are not available via Amazon, but via Melissa’s website. She releases new prints and restocks solids on a regular basis. Fabulegs have the same buttery soft material and waistband as the Lularoe brand. The cost of her leggings is about equivalent to the Lularoe version. She also does capris and a higher quality version that she calls FabuCouture. You can follow her on Facebook or sign up for updates on her website.

I still find myself following some great Lularoe consultants. Some of them are just superstars in their Facebook live sales and just really fun to watch! But, these alternatives are also great if you find yourself looking to try the buttery soft, unicorn hair, dolphin skin material.

What other alternatives to the Lularoe leggings have you found?

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