Save over $1,800 a year by cutting the cable cord

Save over $1,800 a year by cutting the cable cord

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My husband and I stopped paying for cable 7 years ago after we had our first child. At the time, we considered how much we were paying versus how much we actually watched TV. We had hundreds of channels, but we only watched the same 5 or 6 channels. The baby kept us so busy {and exhausted} that we only watched TV about 1 to 2 hours a day at the most, but we were paying more than $150 per month for cable. So, we decided to turn our cable off. But that didn’t stop us from watching most of the shows we loved.

Maybe you are considering cancelling your cable TV subscription, but you’re not sure you can make that commitment, here’s how we did it.

Save over $1800 per year by cutting the cable cord

First, we bought an HD antenna to mount in our attic, similar to this one. That gave us access to all the major broadcast channels at no extra cost (other than the equipment). My husband connected it to the cable splitter (you can usually find yours close to where your cable was previously hooked up. This allows you to broadcast the channels picked up via antenna to any room in the house already wired for cable. You would be surprised how many channels you can get using an antenna these days, especially with the substations that are available. My kids love watching PBS and QUBO. I personally like to watch old game show reruns on BUZZR on Saturdays while I’m cooking (or blogging).

Next, we used an HDMI cord to connect one of our laptop computers to our living room TV, converting the TV into a huge external monitor. Luckily at the time I worked for a computer manufacturing company so we had a few computers. The one we used for this was a very big laptop that we were not using very regularly. We also purchased this wireless keyboard with a mouse pad. This became our “remote” for the laptop so that we could browse to any site we wanted to watch shows. Most of the major broadcast channels post their shows for you to watch online the after the show originally airs for FREE!

Finally, we called the cable company and cancelled our cable TV package. And we never looked back. We now enjoy spending more quality time together as a family. We are more selective about what programs we watch because we have less time (now that we have 3 kids) and less options. But, we are better, more productive people.

What activities do you enjoy more or would you enjoy more of if you didn’t have cable? Let me know in the comments below.

Save $1800 per year by cutting the cable cord

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