Earn Money on Everyday Activities

Earn Money on Everyday Activities

This post contains affiliates links. When you use the link I provide, I get a portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you. But, the opinions of these products are still honest and all my own.

Want to earn some extra cash on everyday shopping and activities? There are actually several simple apps you can use to earn money on everyday activities.

If you’re like me, you might be really skeptical about how these work. I know I was at first. But, I have earned real money with these apps, doing everyday things!

Maybe you’re thinking you’re too busy to do couponing or juggle apps while shopping. I totally get it. I started by using one of these and then added another when I felt more comfortable.  Now, I earn about $50 per month using these apps! And all just for doing regular daily activities.


Here are my favorite apps to earn money on everyday activities and some tips on maximizing your earnings!


Ibotta helps you redeem virtual coupons on everyday purchases. Before you go shopping, find your store and browse the coupons available. “Clip” the coupons by selecting the plus sign. (Sometimes you have to watch a short video or fill out a 1 question survey.)

After you shop, scan your receipt and the items you bought. Earn real cash. Once you’ve accumulated $20, you can deposit the money in your Paypal or Venmo account. Or just select a gift card option if you don’t have Paypal or Venmo.

Use my referral code when you signup (code: fpubhti) and you automatically get $10 after your first coupon is redeemed! That’s $10 of free money!

Team up with your friends and save money on special Bonuses throughout the month.

It’s not just for groceries either! You can use it on Amazon purchases or even with Groupon!


Shopkick gives you points, called “kicks” for doing everyday shopping activities. Get points just for walking in the store, scanning items you don’t even plan on purchasing, or for everyday purchases!

Trade in your points for gift cards. Sign up using my referral code (DEAL312609), you get 250 kicks in your account.If you like Ibotta, you need to try Shopkick. Download the app and start earning points today!

I give my phone to my 8 year old and let him scan items as we shop. He thinks of it like a scavenger hunt game.


Walmart Savings Catcher

If you aren’t shopping at the giant grocery store, then you probably won’t like this one. However, if you do shop at Walmart and aren’t using Savings Catcher, you can earn money by simply scanning your receipt into the Savings Catcher.

Every time you shop at Walmart, save your receipt. Open the Walmart app on your phone or online. Find the Savings Catcher feature. Scan your receipt and that’s it!

Savings Catcher searches competitors prices and credits you back the amount on an item you purchased if a competitor offers it for less. Get your earnings in the form of a Walmart eGift Card. You can find more information on the Savings Catcher site.


Slidejoy isn’t a shoppping app, but it is super simple to use and gives you cash. Download the app. Unlock your phone. Earn money.

Slidejoy puts an ad on your phone’s lock screen. Swipe right, to ignore the ad and unlock your phone. Swipe left to view the ad after unlocking your phone.

You earn points, called “Carats”, just for having the app on your phone. Swiping left to view the ad earns you even more points so it pays (literally) to swipe left occasionally. Trade in “Carats” for cash on your Paypal account or egift cards.

Slidejoy Carats accumulate slowly. I earn about $10 on it every 6 months. But, it is worth mentioning because all you have to do is have it on your phone.

Download Slidejoy from the App Store or sign up here using my referral code.

 Earn Money on Everyday Activities | whine and dancing | Want to earn money on everyday purchases? Try these apps for saving money on shopping or earning money on everyday activities like checking your phone.

Final thoughts and tips

  • If you’re overwhelmed with using several apps while shopping, then just use 1. I know, we moms don’t need to add “one more thing” to that ever growing list of ours!
  • If you shop at discount stores, chances are, you can’t use the grocery shopping apps, but maybe you still shop online through Amazon or Groupon. Consider using the apps for the other features they have. You will still earn some money back.
  • Be sure to fully read the coupon requirements. It might require multiple purchases and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting home and finding out, you bought 1 bag of chips and you needed to buy 2 for that $2.00 coupon!
  • Read the coupon information carefully to understand how many times you can redeem the coupon. Some coupons let you redeem them 3 times in a trip. So, if you’re buying the huge box of GoGoSqueez Applesauce, but there is a coupon for $.50 off 1 small box, and you can redeem it 3 times in one trip, then you’re better off getting 3 small boxes for a savings of $1.50.
  • Share it with your friends. Most of these offer additional earnings when you share it with your friends. Let your friends know about all the money you’re earning!

What money saving apps do you use? Any that aren’t listed here?


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