Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service Review

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service Review

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There it was. A medium sized, brown box that arrived on our doorstep just like it was Christmas. I really love getting deliveries, and especially, food deliveries. I was so excited to get started with the Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service that I completely forgot to take pictures of one of the meals! Here’s my honest review of our first box of meals and what I learned.

Meal Delivery Services seem to be one of the newest trends in online ordering. And, to be honest, I am always someone who is late to try new things or fall for new trends. I tend to be skeptical wondering if they will last or if they will flop. The meal kit ordering trend does not seem to be going away though. So, I decided to order one to try it out.

But, is it really cost effective? Will my picky eaters eat the food they offer? To be a long term option for my family, any meal kit would have to provide both cost effectiveness and delicious, fussy eater-friendly options.

What is included in a Meal Delivery Service?

After researching a few other more popular brands, I noticed that those Meal Delivery Services offer similar options. You can choose between a Meal Plan that feeds two or four people. The four person options are normally marketed as “Family” plans.


After choosing how many people you plan to feed, you choose how many meals you want delivered for each delivery cycle, usually 2, 3 or 4 meals.

Last you select the meals you would like. Most services have menus that change every week with the idea that you’ll have your boxes delivered once per week. They usually have around 6 recipes you can choose from for the week.

What makes Sun Basket different?

If you have never heard of Sun Basket, you may be wondering why I chose it. Sun Basket offers organic ingredients. Now, I am not an organic food junkie, but I was intrigued by the price and the fact that the ingredients would be high quality, organic and responsibly sourced proteins.

Since I was trying this for the first time, I wanted to try a brand that would provide ingredients that I wouldn’t normally purchase at the grocery store because of their high price.

Sun Basket also offers a variety of menu options, including Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and Paleo. And their Family Plan really did look like Family-friendly options that my own family would actually eat!

Our First Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service Box

The Packaging

When I opened our first box, I noticed that all the produce was separated from the meat. There was no cross contamination. I also noticed that most of the packing materials were recyclable! I thought that was really nice, especially considering they had to include some sort of ice pack to make sure the meat stayed cold. Even the ice pack was 98% recyclable.

The ingredients for the two meals arrived separated into brown bags and clearly labelled. Our recipes were Tolin’s Turkey and Pancetta Meatloaf and Mexican Albondigas Soup with Butternut Squash.

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service | whine and dancing | The Sun Basket Meal Kit included everything we needed to make two delicious, home cooked meals for our family of five.

Recipe Instructions and Cook Time

The recipe book was very clearly written with step by step instructions, including a list of pantry items (e.g. salt, oil) that we would need and kitchen tools we should use.

Both meals were simple to cook and any sauces were already pre-made. I was able to get both meals on the table in under 45 minutes.

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service | whine and dancing | Sun Basket's Mexican Albondigas Soup was a hit with my kids and we had plenty leftover.

Family-Friendly Food

My husband did not try the soup because he has a big aversion to tomatoes, but he did enjoy the Turkey and Pancetta Meatloaf and even took the leftovers for lunch. My kids surprisingly enjoyed the Mexican Albondigas Soup even with the tomatoes and butternut squash. I did leave out the onions completely because our family just doesn’t do onions, but I was able to give them away to my neighbor.


Cost Effectiveness

Since I used the 50% offer on our first box, I spent $40 for two recipes that feed 4 people. We had plenty leftover for 1 or 2 other meals. If you buy all the ingredients provided to try to make these meals on your own, then you would spend more money at your local grocery store on the organic produce and antibiotic-free meats.

But, I am not the type of person that buys organic produce or specialty meats. So, technically, it wasn’t a cost effective option for us. I feed my family of 5 a total of 21 meals each week for less than $150 so $80 per week for only two meals is not smart spending.

However, if you use the service strategically, which is what I plan to do, I think it can be a valuable option. Sun Basket makes it easy and convenient to skip weeks. So, I plan to use this service once a month, instead of once a week.

Also, I plan to use the Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service to replace eating out or more expensive home cooked meals.

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service | whine and dancing | Sun Basket's Mexican Albondigas Soup was a hit with my kids and we had plenty leftover.

Other Advantages to a Meal Delivery Service

To really measure the value of using a Meal Delivery Service, I think you need to account for the other advantages they provide. For example:

  • The Variety in the Menu. These are not meals I would normally make for my family. These Meal Delivery Services make it so fun to try new things.
  • Getting your kids involved. Because most everything was already prepared, I was easily able to get my 8 year old involved. And, another thing I specifically liked about Sun Basket, they included a “Kids Can” section that lists tasks your kids can help you with in preparing the meal.
  • Something to look forward to. I am really excited about our next meal delivery, even though it is a month away. I love getting packages, which I struggle with online shopping. And, now we can vary our own family menu with new recipes without committing to a bunch of ingredients I might not use later.
  • Nutritional. Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service provides lots of nutritious options and they are really easy to put together.

I really loved trying Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service. The variety of the menu and family-friendly options available were convenient for our picky family and a fun way to add variety to our weekly meal plan. And the 50% off offer from Sun Basket certainly made it a sweet deal.

Let me know what meal delivery services you have tried and what you like about them!


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